Utilities for Effective Survey Data Analysis

Check your survey progress in real time

Using Q-Fi you can quickly access critical information. There is a summary reporting screen where you can keep track of your progress in real time.

Export your survey data

You can export your survey data directly into .sps, .txt, .sav or CSV for further analysis. You also receive a structured data set and can even dichotomize your multi-mention data, if desired. In addition you can extract directly or schedule file delivery for later execution.  Easily access history of extractions, and re-download at any time.

Publisher - An interactive report tool that allows you to create professional reports

Options you can add include cross-tabs (using different cross-tabs in the same report), frequencies, quotas (all your quota lines or some of them), images and logos to brand the report and text elements (for example to make an introduction or include instructional content).


Survey Data Analysis

You can also select everything or filter by completes, date and custom conditions. There is also the option to choose the type of graph you want to generate as well as customize the colours for the charts. Additionally you can export the report to PDF, send to a printer, or generate an encrypted URL (the data is in real time) that you can distribute or schedule to be executed and emailed out at specific time.


With the Q-Fi platform you can create cross-tabs as a reference while the survey is running or after the fact. You can also create nested tables. Simply select what questions you want to use for rows and columns (drag and drop the questions or type them in), and Q-Fi will generate a cross-tab table for you. You can apply different filters for each cross-tab that you create. You can filter by the condition or the completion status, date and time and define if you want a column graph or pie chart. Saved cross-tabs are available to use in the Publisher. Statistics available include min and max value, mean, variance, and standard deviation.

Q-Fi’s Survey data analysis software allows you to check your survey progress in real time; gain access to the most up-to-date statistics that matter to you on any device.